Bilanc Online

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  • Bilanc Online enables real-time management of your company and its subsidiaries, in various sites by using a simple internet connection. Other features of the program include:

    • Supports all the functionalities of Professional Bilanc .
    • It enables online, real – time management of the information in every subsidiary
    • It increases work efficiency and it provides control over the business and its subsidiaries everywhere
    • It works with any common method of internet access

      a.Server (Download 1Mb, Upload 1Mb dedicated internet)

      b.Client (Download 1Mb , Upload 512 Kb shared)

    • In use by hundreds of companies in Albania and Kosovo.
    • Accessible internationally by using any common method of internet access
    • Low cost hardware can be used on Client PCs.
    • Data is centrally managed/stored. PC-s in subsidiaries does not include registered financial data.
    • Qualified people are needed only at the Headquarters. Lower cost for subsidary employees.
    • Small monthly payments required. You can change the number of users any time. Software as a Service, pay as you use. Assistance and updates are included in price.
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