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  • Bilanc Software provides the best solution of reporting to tax authorities. For more information about the various taxation reports enabled by Bilanc Reports . More than 2000 customers supported by our branches from Gjirokastra to Pristina work accurately and in a record time with Bilanc Software.

    Advantages of Bilanc Software comparing with other softwares in Albanian market:
    1) Advantages
    • Automatic update of Weighted Average Cost (Video Presentation )
    • Automatic update of General Ledger (Video Presentation )
    • Data comparison over years (Video Presentation )
    • Autocomplete (Video Presentation )
    • Compatible with the legislation of Albania and Kosovo
    • Single Click access to transactions from reports. (Video Presentation )
    • Analytical and Graphical views on Reports
    • Automatic calculation of the cost per unit of imported goods (after clearance)
    • Detailed balance sheet
    • T-Account view for every document (Video Presentation )
    • Simultaneous registration of documents (multi-sheet)
    • Automatic gl account assignment for Customers/ Suppliers /Petty Cashes/Banks (Video Presentation )
    • Copy/Paste from one document to another (Video Presentation )
    • Sales / Purchase books ready to be sent to
    • VAT Declaration Report (Official)
    • Easy to learn – in one day you can learn the main functionalities of the software, even when you are not an accountant or financial specialist
    • Modification of an invoice “with VAT” to “without VAT” and vice versa, with one click (Video Presentation )
    • Export/Import to/from Excel (Video Presentation )
    • High perfomance on large data
    • Item code and accounting scheme can be updated even if it has been used on documents
    • Automatic item code/barcode generation
    • Payroll Module included on Bilanc Standard
    • Detailed accounting reports
    • Drag and drop support (Video Presentation )
    2) Easy to Use
    • Autocomplete support on most user input fields
    • Automatic item code/barcode generation
    • Drag and drop support
    • Easy to use and powerful search on documents, items etc
    • Easy to learn – even when you are not an accountant or financial specialist
    • To the bank documents Bank Withdrawal-Bank Deposit (there are only two) you can choose the accounts
    • It takes only a day to learn the main utilities of the software
    3) Reporting
    • Graphical analysis (Video Presentation )
    • Additional official reports
    • Single Click access to transactions from reports.
    • Detailed accounting reports
    • Detailed accounting reports
    4) Cost
    • Starting at less than €10 a month
    • Very high quality over cost ratio
    • Free data migration from existing software.
    • Relatively low cost for adaption to customer needs.
    • No hidden cost