Bilanc Bar & Restaurant

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  • Bilanc Bar & Restaurant package helps manage the business, activities and documents of any bar/restaurant.
    The software monitors the daily activity of your business. Bilanc Bar & Restaurant calculates the daily orders taken by waiters and the inventory situation. It calculates as well statistics on sales in general and per item, cash availability, profit and other reports on the activity of the business.

    Main functionalities of Bilanc Bar/Restorant :

    • Inventory control.
    • Cumulative orders support for restaurants
    • Customizable interface to match the real table arrangement.
    • Invoice printing in various formats
    • Waiter shift closing procedures support
    • Statistics on sales of items, margin, inventory, the state of cash etc.

    The advantages of using Bilanc Bar & Restaurant :

    • Use data modeling not guesses during the business decision making process.
    • Presents your business attractively through printed functional bills.
    • Drastically decreases paper expenses.
    • Multiple levels of data security. You can not modify/erase an invoice even with administrative rights..
    • Option to send the invoice directly to the fiscal regsiter (supports all fiscal registers).
    • Decrease towards total elimination of inventory misuse.
    • Easy to use in Albanian or English.
    • 6 free training hours for your personnel.
    • Full monitoring options for the administration.
    • Free upgrade of the software for clients that have agreed to a maintenance option.
    • Continuous support through a number of contractual options.