Bilanc SuperMarket

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  • Bilanc Supermarket offers all functionalities of Bilanc Ekspres or Standard and a specific module for POS (Point Of Sale) which is optimal for:

    1. Markets / SuperMarkets
    2. Point Of Sales (Retails or Wholesale)
    3. Appropriate for any business that trades a large number of products (spare parts, electric & electronics, stationary etc.)

    Bilanc Supermarket is a complete product which monitors the daily activities of a supermarket as:

    • Invoice Printing
    • Cash management
    • Cashier shift-closing
    • Registers and analyzes of supplies
    • Live inventory management
    • Suggests the items that should be supplied
    • Shelves capacity management – system suggests missing items
    • Client membership card support (optional)
    • Integrates with scale / bar code scanner / pole display / card readers etc (using JPOS)
    • Generates barcodes for items that do not have one
    • Several useful views of the sales statistics
    • Graphic analysis for business performance


    • 99.99% uptime – the most reliable POS package in the market
    • Very fast sales registration – low human interaction required
    • Saves time to the manager and avoids potential human errors
    • Enables efficient management of human resource
    • Decision making support for item prices determination (based on the statistics offered by the system)
    • Automatic update of GL for daily transactions
    • Automatic purchase orders generation
    • Increases quality of service