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  • Bilanc Sh.p.k, former TPKSolutions, is an Albanian company founded in 2004 in Tirana, Albania. Bilanc Sh.p.k, has been choosen by around 2000
    customers and institutions. These customers operate all over Albania and Kosovo. We have a portfolio of 12 business software addressing
    most aspects of business administration. Our software are clearly positioned at the high end of the market. This positioning is strongly supported
    by a fast and high quality after-sale service and assistance. Choosing Bilanc Sh.p.k means to enter in a long term, successful, and visionary
    partnership towards a pure mission, in service of the progress of Albanian companies and customers prepared to face any challenge at a
    European level.
    The organizational structure of our company, consists of four departments which are:
    • Development – The employees of this department work steadily, pursuing business requirements and technological developments
    • Technical Services – Supports all the technical work of installing/maintaining software. Full service is provided also via internet.
    • Financial Consulting – Provides training and financial consulting for users of Bilanc Software. Also this department provides financial analysis
      to the Development Department about new customer requirements as well as the enhancements of existing modules of Bilanc Software.
    • Marketing – The focus of this department is to interact with customers and understand their needs. Market segmentation, image of the company
      and recognition of customer requirements are the benchmark for this department.
    Our business software have been built based on analysis, consultations, requests and detailed information collected from customers,
    experts of various fields, business associations, consultants and government institutions. They are updated regularly in order to
    include the latest technical advancements, legal, regulatory and normative changes. Moreover, each of our software is adapted to the specific
    requests of our customers.
    Bilanc Online
    Bilanc Online is our latest developed software. Bilanc Online enables real-time management of your company and its subsidiaries, in various sites
    by using a simple internet connection. This software represents an innovation for the entire region. Use of this software brings significant savings
    in money because it uses the Internet instead of cable ties, it saves time due to direct/live connection and is charged as periodic service,
    fixed monthly payments (SaaS)