Bilanc Pharmaceutical Depot

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  • “Bilanc Pharmaceutical Depot” enables a full management of a pharmaceutical depot, including support for governmental reports (ISKSH) and accounting management.
    Beside common functionalities of Bilanc Software some other specific functionalities of this software are:

    1. Easy expiration dates / product series tracking during the sale and purchase process.
    2. No need to create new items when expiration date changes.
    3. Automatic export of sales and purchases of refundable drugs to ISKSH
    4. Inventory tracking by expiration dates/series
    5. Identify items that are near expiration.
    6. Sales and purchase invoice include expiration date and series
    7. Automatic suggestion of stock items based one their expiration date and the series on sales
    8. Sales prices by expiration dates
    9. Supports registration of invoices on all fiscal registers.