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  • Bilanc Software provides the best solution of reporting to tax authorities. For more information about the various taxation reports enabled by Programi Bilanc click here. More than 2000 customers supported by our branches from Gjirokastra to Pristina work accurately and in a record time with Bilanc Software.

    Advantages of Bilanc Software comparing with other softwares in Albanian market:
    1) Advantages
    • Automatic update of Weighted Average Cost (Video Presentation )
    • Automatic update of General Ledger (Video Presentation )
    • Data comparison over years (Video Presentation )
    • Autocomplete (Video Presentation )
    • Compatible with the legislation of Albania and Kosovo
    • Single Click access to transactions from reports. (Video Presentation )
    • Analytical and Graphical views on Reports
    • Automatic calculation of the cost per unit of imported goods (after clearance)
    • Detailed balance sheet
    • T-Account view for every document (Video Presentation )
    • Simultaneous registration of documents (multi-sheet)
    • Automatic gl account assignment for Customers/ Suppliers /Petty Cashes/Banks (Video Presentation )
    • Copy/Paste from one document to another (Video Presentation )
    • Sales / Purchase books ready to be sent to
    • VAT Declaration Report (Official)
    • Easy to learn – in one day you can learn the main functionalities of the software, even when you are not an accountant or financial specialist
    • Modification of an invoice “with VAT” to “without VAT” and vice versa, with one click (Video Presentation )
    • Export/Import to/from Excel (Video Presentation )
    • High perfomance on large data
    • Item code and accounting scheme can be updated even if it has been used on documents
    • Automatic item code/barcode generation
    • Payroll Module included on Bilanc Standard
    • Detailed accounting reports
    • Drag and drop support (Video Presentation )
    2) Easy to Use
    • Autocomplete support on most user input fields
    • Automatic item code/barcode generation
    • Drag and drop support
    • Easy to use and powerful search on documents, items etc
    • Easy to learn – even when you are not an accountant or financial specialist
    • To the bank documents Bank Withdrawal-Bank Deposit (there are only two) you can choose the accounts
    • It takes only a day to learn the main utilities of the software
    3) Reporting
    • Graphical analysis (Video Presentation )
    • Additional official reports
    • Single Click access to transactions from reports.
    • Detailed accounting reports
    • Detailed accounting reports
    4) Cost
    • Starting at less than €10 a month
    • Very high quality over cost ratio
    • Free data migration from existing software.
    • Relatively low cost for adaption to customer needs.
    • No hidden cost