10 Years Bilanc Sh.p.k

06 May, 2015
  • Shqip
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  • 10 years ago two engineers with zero financial capital choose to innovate in the technological sector, a sector at that time still not very
    developed. They choose to work on the Java programming platform, now part of Oracle, a platform that allowed them to design a flexible software to precede improvement at every step.

    By refusing to be part of any compromise with quality, the new company targeted only the businesses with its products, which at first
    presentation in the market had had over 30 advantages compared with existing products. Already Bilanc sh.p.k, has been chosen by
    around 1100 customers and counts more than 100 advantages.

    If we go back to see our initial steps, we ask: why should we create standards?

    Because we cared more and saw toward the future. Listened carefully to the customer needs to further improve the software. Received
    commitments which were realized within deadlines. This way of working increased confidence to customers step by step. We offered
    advantages for the main industries of Albanian business such as; construction, trade, services, pharmaceutical sector, retail, restaurants
    continuing with budgetary institutions. We created partnerships with some of the biggest accounting and auditing studios.

    During this journey, Bilanc Sh.p.k is prepared to further advance its products and services, to face challenges of the upcoming decades.
    We invite you toward these common challenges and thank you that you have shared with us these 10 years of collaboration, 10 years
    of innovation!

    Bilanc Sh.p.k